Baked oysters with shallot marmalade, slab bacon, lemon and parsley

Grand Banks' menu is built around sustainable, wild-caught fish species and seasonal local produce, with a focus on refining dishes to their simplest and most dynamic forms.



 Top: Black Duck Salt, Hog Island Bay, Virginia  Bottom: Royal Miyagi, Baynes Sound, British Columbia

Grand Banks features wild-caught and sustainably harvested East and West Coast oysters, with a special emphasis on the native Atlantic oyster species grown in and around New York waters. Our selection changes daily. 



 Seared Montauk sea scallops with fingerling potatoes, green chick peas, corrander crema and pickled fresno chilies
 Burrata with beets, shaved spring vegetables, basil, dill and crouton
 Maine lobster with herb, fennel, lemon, dulse emulsion and boat-made pickles on a toasted bun, served with "New Bay" spiced chips

Grand Banks' ingredient-driven plates celebrate seasonal fish and produce with elevated preparations perfectly suited for waterfront dining.

 Raw wild king salmon sliced with herb horseradish, green tomatillos and toasted crountry bread
 Fried soft shell crabs with lemon, herb, and espelette dresing, cucumber and snow peas
 Empress crab claws with smoked paprikaise and chilled steamed top neck clams with green herb coulis