In partnership with Maritime Foundation, Grand Banks presents onboard exhibitions that explore the history and artifacts of maritime culture. 

Exhibitions are staged in the "fishhold," a timber clad gallery below deck that once stored salted cod and other fish while underway on trade missions up and down the Atlantic coast. Upcoming and past exhibitions below:


Oyster City

May 2016

The upcoming, Oyster City, features 19th century prints and publications documenting the early years of the New York oyster trade, and its growth into the epicenter of the global oyster market. Materials courtesy of Nancy Ralph and the New York Food Museum. 


Water's Edge

June - October 2015

Featuring spectacular archival photography, Water's Edge documents the vibrant life of New Yorks' 18th and 19th century waterfront. Images courtesy of Robert S. Greenberg and The Museum of the City of New York.



July - September 2014

Shaped by the story of the schooner F/V Sherman Zwicker, Zwicker links historical artifacts, archival photographs, and contemporary installations that speak to the history of the craft and its place in maritime culture. Curated by New Draft Collective.