Waterkeeper Alliance

Marc Yaggi

Join Us Monday, October 6th, 6pm

Marc Yaggi the Executive director of the Waterkeeper Alliance, will speak on issues facing the world’s waterways..  For more than 15 years working within the Waterkeeper movement, Marc Yaggi has been instrumental in expanding Waterkeeper Alliance’s reach, helping to start new Waterkeeper organizations across the globe. Appointed Waterkeeper Alliance’s Executive Director in March 2011, Marc leads the fastest growing grassroots environmental movement in the world with a deep passion for clean water. Marc provides organizational leadership, develops new partnerships and growth opportunities, builds cohesion between the organization’s wide range of programs, and promotes the Waterkeeper model of advocacy around the world. Through all of these efforts, Marc works to raise public awareness of the environmental issues central to the organization’s vision for swimmable, drinkable, fishable water worldwide.