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Get Your Sea Legs: Grand Banks Is New York’s Most Popular Oyster Bar on a Boat

Via Vanity Fair:

Does Zagat give points for seaworthiness?
Grand Banks, Manhattan’s latest gin joint du jour, makes the case for it as a 142-foot fishing schooner that serves up oysters and spritzy summer cocktails. Docked at Pier 25 in Hudson River Park, the meticulous restored vessel also features a maritime museum in its berth.
The restoration of the boat is a rare feat in a New York that increasingly pretends to remember the neighborhood vitality that once stood where the glossy hand-poured espresso bar now does. In the museum space downstairs, the water slaps pleasantly at the ship and the lights are low for a small exhibition of artfully organized ropes and maps. Also notable: this is the ritziest boat restroom you’ll ever see, tiled with white ceramic that glistens like freshwater pearls, and toilets made of chevron wood.