Maine Maritime

Sean Wentworth

Join Us Monday, October 27th, 5pm

Sean Wentworth, an expert mariner, will speak about celestial navigation and wayfinding. Sean has extensive experience as an advanced instructor at some of America's best sailing schools. He is a graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy; has been a licensed captain since he was 18 years old; and has logged over 50,000 blue water nautical miles, including multiple Atlantic crossings. Sean is more at home on a boat than he is on land, and he loves to share his nautical expertise.

His stats and specialties: Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage for Motor and Steam, Oceans license and a 100 ton Masters license with Aux/Sail endorsements for Oceans. Unlimited Radar Observer, GMDSS, BST, LIFEBOATMAN, Dangerous Liquids, Liquid Natural Gas Assistant, Advanced Shipboard Firefighting, Ocean Survival, advanced CPR & First Aid, Anti-Piracy, VSO/CSO, Fast Rescue Boat, TWIC and full STCW - 95 compliance, Advanced Navigation, Celestial Navigation, Electronic Navigation (including marine communications), Plane, Mercator, Parrallel, Great Circle, Composite and Mid Latitude Sailing Navigation, Terrestrial Navigation, Raster & Vector ECDIS systems, Ships Stability and Trim Systems.